The 510 Tank - Refillable E-Cigarette Starter Kit

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30ml ELiquid Bottle



The 510 Tank Refillable E-Cig is a tank style e-cigarette which means it does not use cartridges. Cartridges are definitely convenient, but are they hundreds of dollars convenient? Refilling your own refillable tank style e-cigarette can literally save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Refilling the tank is easy, see instructions here. If your already an e-cigarette user using cartridges, switch to the The 510 Tank Refillable E-Cig and save some serious cash. Bottles of e-liquid can be purchased for around $10 and last for weeks.

The 510 Tank Refillable E-Cigarette is the perfect size because it's the size of an actual cigarette, just a little longer.

It comes with a USB charger and a wall adapter. The 510 Tank's lithium battery can last for approximately 250 puffs per charge.

510 Tank ECig Overview & Filling the Tank:
  • Automatic - No Button

  • Tank Can Hold 1ml of E-Liquid

  • Slim Design

  • Blue LED Tip When Activated

  • Refillable

  • Rechargeable

  • Generous Vapor Output

  • No Mess / No Leaking

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Contents of the 510 Tank Refillable Electronic Cigarette Kit
  • 30ml E-Liquid Bottle (Choose Your Flavor)
  • 2 Batteries
  • 2 Atomizers
  • 5 Refillable Tanks
  • 1 USB Charger / Wall Charger
  • 1 Container Box
  • 1 Manual
The refillable 510 tank comes with 2 complete ecigs. 510 Tank Refillable E-Cig wall & USB charger. The refillable style e-cig uses the mouthpiece as the tank to store e-liquid. The 510 Tank Refillable E-Cigarette Kit Contents.


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