The Protank 2 Mini by Kanger has a perfect amount of airflow.
The EVOD E Cig comes with 1.8 or 2.2 oHm coils (atomizers)

Benefits of an E-Cig Vapor Pen

A Vapor Cig Pen can Save hundreds of dollars a year.

Save Cash

E-liquid is extremely affordable and can last for weeks. The cost of E-Cigarette kits can vary drastically. Don't get ripped off by cheap marked up E-Cig kits. Just because a brand's logo is printed on a battery doesn't mean it's top quality.

ECigarettes don't produce messy ashes and can't burn upholstery.

No Ashes & Burns

Tired of looking at a filthy ashtray? How about burning holes in upholstery? Go Electric! With an ecig you don't need to worry about ashing somewhere, especially in your car. No flame means you can stop worrying about ruining your car seats.

Conveniently smoke your E Cig indoors.

Smoke Indoors

Enjoy your E Cigarette at work or at a restaurant. If it's freezing cold outside or hotter than hell, you can comfortably smoke your E Cig indoors. Wouldn't it be nice to smoke on your couch without stinking up your house?

Go odorless and please your non-smoker friends with a Vapor Cig.

Pleasant Aroma

Vapor Pens don't leave your clothes and breath smelling fowl. Instead of turning heads in disgust, start using a Vape Pen and lose the odor. You may find yourself getting smiles instead of frowns.

Cost Analysis:  1 Month

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H2O ECigs carries premium eliquid by Hangsen. 30ml E-Liquid Bottle
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